Y Cable TC / TR for MyChron 2T

Do you keep a spare chassis in the trailer?  Having a second Y-Patch cable and sensors already secured to your spare chassis can cut the time required for the emergency chassis switch.

The TC designation in the name of this cable is short for Thermocouple, TR is short for thermoresistor.  This Y cable allows for the connection of one thermocouple and one thermoresistor sensor.  The most common combination of sensors used with this cable is one water temperature sensor and one EGT  sensor, although sometimes a CHT sensor is used in place of EGT.

This Y-Patch cable is only compatible with MyChron 5 2T data loggers and the older MyChron 4 2T.  This cable will not connect to a MyChron 5 single temperature sensor and will not turn your single temperature sensor data logger into a 2T.

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