Vortex ROK VLR 100cc Air Cooled Engine Package

Meet the new Vortex ROK VLR 100cc air cooled motor!

Designed from the ground up as a high performance yet affordable engine, the ROK VLR comes ready to race out of the box - just add your engine mount. 

With the VLR, Rok designed in simplicity from the get go.  The VLR features a one piece pipe design, eliminating the need for the annoying flex pieces, which never seem to last.  The exhaust pipe slips over the conical header and is sealed in place with two strong springs.  The wiring harness is also stripped and simplified, including only two pushbuttons and battery clips.  Racers will also love the Tillotson HW38 carburetor for its ease of tuning, just a high and low speed adjustment.

What's in the box?

  • VLR Motor
  • Tillotson HW38 Carb
  • Digital Ignition
  • Simplified wiring harness
  • Battery with battery box & mounting clamp
  • One piece exhaust pipe featuring KZ style EGT bung pre-welded
  • NGK B10EG spark plug

Collections: Engines

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