Used Compkart Covert 3.0 17R Roller with Mag Package - #25

Save big on a great chassis maintained by the J3 Competition Compkart Racing Team!

The #25 chassis depicted is the actual chassis available.  It is a 3 race old chassis which was run by the J3 Competition racing team.  This chassis includes the full magnesium racing package upgrade, including mag wheels, front and rear hubs, engine mount, and a needle bearing steering bracket.

Each used rolling chassis is supplied with a full bodywork kit, used seat, and a used set of DF Magnesium Wheels.  Each chassis is checked true on the factory team straightening jig before being offered for sale.

Used rolling chassis do not include radiators or engines, harnessess, MyChron's, etc.


Contact Kart Smarter with any questions regarding this chassis.

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