MyChron Expansion

The MyChron Expansion allows for the use of up to 4 analog sensors, or 1 digital speed input plus 3 analog sensors.  

The CAN-BUS expansion allows for a Lamda sensor, GPS, or Data Key to be connected to the MyChron Expansion.  The MyChron Expansion offers Karters the ability thoroughly analyze and critique their driving by installing analog sensors such as:

  • Steering Angle Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Brake Position Sensor
  • Brake Pressure Sensor
  • Front/Rear Wheel Speed
The MyChron Expansion also allows users to power the connected analog sensor via an external 12V power source, such as the kart's on-board battery.  This optional external power capability can charge your MyChron 5's battery from the kart's battery .