IAME X30 TAG Engine Package

The X30 TAG engine package is fast, reliable, and easy to race.  

With the addition of a balance shaft, and the lower RPM limit compared to the Leopard, the X30 is a clear step forward in terms of reliability and longevity.

The X30 is a staple among American TAG karting, used as the exclusive motor for many premier racing series across the country.   


  • Bore: 54mm
  • Stroke: 54mm
  • Max Bore: 54.28mm
  • RPM Limit: 16,000
  • Carb: Tillotsen HW-27a
  • Intake System: Reed
  • Ignition: Selettra Digital with Battery Charging
  • Starting: On-board
  • Cooling: Water Radiator
  • Clutch: Dry Centrifugal
  • Displacement: 123.67CC

Motor Kit includes the following: Complete Motor, header, exhaust pipe, exhaust flex, sillicon exhaust wrap, carb, stator, HT Coil and chain guard, X30 Electronics C box, starter relay, starter key, wire harness, battery support, velcro strap, radiator, water hoses & clamps, radiator support, thermostat.

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