AiM Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

Ever wonder if you've got some chain lube in your clutch causing slip? Clutch not grabbing all the way? Now you can verify your suspicions with the AiM rear axle speed sensor.

Included in the AiM rear wheelspeed sensor kit is a 5.5 foot lead, 712 connector, and the required magnet for the axle.  The sensor is non-contact, and detects the magnet as it rotates around the axle at any distance from 8mm-20mm.

 This sensor comes terminated in the Binder 712 connector.

This sensor requires:

  • MyChron Expansion - this wheel speed sensor does not plug directly into your MyChron 5.  A MyChron Expansion is required.  MyChron Expansion allows users to connect analog and digital sensors (steering position, throttle/brake position, wheel speed) to any MyChron 4 or MyChron 5 data logger.

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