2017 Compkart Covert 3.0 Roller - 4 Races Old

This Compkart Covert 3.0 TAG rolling chassis is a former Compkart Factory team ride which has 4 races on it.  The chassis was under the meticulous care of the Compkart team for the first 3 races of its life, and under the care of yours truly for one race.  The chassis was checked straight on the factory team's table in October, and has not seen combat since.  

This chassis has the 17-R Magnesium Upgrade Kit, which includes the front hubs, rear hubs, sprocket hub, motor mount, premium steering bushing, and C2 rear axle.  It is still in the same configuration as run by the factory team.  The chassis is dead straight, and is overall in good condition.  There are some expected nicks and chips in the paint, as happens, as well as a small bit of tire rubber on the stickers.

Overall this is a great chassis ready for a new home.  Included with the chassis is a set of beautiful Freeline Magnesium Wheels, as well as a used seat.