Why buy a data logger from Kart Smarter?

Why choose Kart Smarter?

Because Kart Smarter offers all data logger customers the following valuable services at no additional charge!

Free Customized Configuration and Setup

Every parameter and setting of your data logger is customized to your needs based on your engine, racing series, and personal preferences.  Kart Smarter even loads the tracks you plan to race to ensure no timing related issues slow your race weekends down.  Why does Kart Smarter take these steps when no other retailer will?  To eliminate your learning curve, and allow you to focus on racing.  When your data logger arrives, it is ready to take out of the box and bolt on to your go kart.  Many of our customers in 2016 had their MyChron 5's overnight-ed to hotels and race tracks.  Thanks to Kart Smarter's customized configurations, these racers hit the track immediately after bolting their MyChron to their steering wheel.

Free Training

Data Loggers are complex pieces of equipment with many settings and capabilities. Kart Smarter doesn't ship you a box and forget about you like our competitors, we train our customers on how to get the max from their new data loggers!

Fast Free Shipping

Kart Smarter ships every order that includes a data logger for free, no matter what else you decide to purchase.  We realize that there are many places to buy a data logger, and this is a small way we can say thank you to our customers for choosing Kart Smarter! 

All orders are shipped USPS Priority, which means we can get you your data logger in 3 days or less.