Compkart Covert 3.0

COVERT 3.0 17-R

Compkart's Premium TAG Chassis

Proven performance throughout the U.S. and world

COMPKART's Premium TAG Chassis

Fast, flexible, easy to tune

Compkart is a propriety chassis design by renowned industry leaders J3 Competition capable of winning at any level of competition (including the X-30 worlds!).

Compkart Covert 3.0 17-R TAG Kart Chassis

Fast, Flexible, Easy to Tune

Compkart is a propriety chassis design by renowned industry leaders J3 Competition capable of winning at any level of competition (including the X-30 worlds!).


Wheelbase: 1045mm

Tubing: 30mm diameter

Axle: 50mm x 1030mm proprietery axle range

Material: Chromoly

Spindle: 25mm Two piece system

Compkart 2-Piece Spindle System
Freeline self adjusting brake system with 180mm floating rotor

  • 340mm Compkart Steering Wheel
  • Freeline DF magnesium premium wheel set
  • 180mm Vented floating 2 piece rotor assembly
  • Self adjusting master cylinder
  • 2-Piece front spindle system
  • Compkart flat bottom seat (soft to very soft)
  • Magnesium front wheel hub
  • Magnesium engine mount
  • Compkart C2 axle (baseline for factory team)
  • Needle bearing steering bushing
  • Magnesium 95mm rear hub

Standard Features

Each Compkart Covert 3.0 comes with the following standard equipment
Compkart 340mm Steering Wheel
Freeline DF Magnesium Wheel Set
180mm Floating Rotor
Compkart 2 Piece Front Spindle
Freeline Self Adjusting master cylinder

340mm Steering Wheel

Magnesium DF Premium Wheel Set

Compkart 180mm Floating 2-Piece Rotor

2-Piece Spindle System

Self Adjusting Brake System

17-R Competition Upgrade Package:

The 17-R upgrade package includes many magnesium parts which lighten the Covert 3.0. All the karts raced by the Compkart Factory Team are in the 17-R configuration. This upgrade package also includes the Compkart C2 axle, which is used in the baseline setup of the factory team. Cost: +500
Compkart Magnesium front hub

Magnesium Front Hubs

Compkart C2 50mm Axle

C2 Axle 50 x 1030 x 2 (Medium)

Compkart Premium Steering Bushing

Needle Bearing Steering Bushing

Compkart magnesium engine mount
Compkart 50mm Rear Hub

Magnesium Engine Mount

Magnesium Rear Hubs


Technical Specifications:

Tubing diameter: Frame tubes Ø 30mm

Axle: Ø50mm x 1030mm length, C1.5, C1.8, C2.0, C2.5, C3

Brakes: Self adjusting master cylinder with integrated reservoir, two piston rear monoblock caliper, Ø180mm vented floating rotor

Front spindle: two piece system with interchangeable "stem axle" which allows for changes in overall front grip

Bodywork: OTK M6 front bumper & number panel, KG sidepods and rear bumper

Fuel tank 8.5L with pickup and vent

Front end alignment system: Interchangeable pills with set caster level allows for camber to be set indepentedly from castor

Kingpin: Ø10mm shoulder bolt

Steering wheel: Ø340mm Compkart steering wheel


Kart Smarter Add-Ons

AiM MyChron 5 karting data logger

Kart Smarter, MyChron 5 Experts, your data partner. Kart Smarter was started as a data analysis business and continues to excell in providing our customers with the hardware and knowledge neccessary to make data analysis their competitive advantage. Kart Smarter can supply your Compkart Covert chassis complete with a pre-installed MyChron 5, MyChron 5 2T, and any other accessories you wish to use.

Each Compkart Covert chassis is supplied with a Compkart soft seat. If you preferr Tillett seats, Kart Smarter can upgrade and install the Tillett Seat of your preference. The Tillett T11 "t" and "vg" flex, soft and very soft, are the most often used seats.

Iame X-30 Kart Racing Engine

Kart Smarter can supply your Covert Chassis complete with any of IAME's powerplants, including the X30, Mini Swift, or the brand new KA100. Kart Smarter can also install these motor packages and deliver a "turn key" kart, ready to hit the track immediately.