MyChron 5 Steering Wheel

AiM has finally released their long awaited MyChron 5 steering wheel.

This high quality wheel is designed to fit the MyChron 5 perfectly, providing easy access to the sensor connections and removable L-Ion battery.

AiM's wheel features flat bottom and curved top, and its frame is made from anodized aluminum. The outside is covered by chamoised leather and beautiful stitch work. Your hands rest on the Nabuk covering which maximize grip grip and comfort.

The wheel is available in two color combinations: black on black and red on black. The Nabuk material where your hands fall is black on both wheels, the top and bottom of the wheel will be red or black depending on your selection.

Make sure to select the proper wheel bolt pattern for your kart; most newer OTK karts will need the 6 bolt wheel, most other karts will use the 3 bolt wheel.

*Wheel does NOT include a MyChron 5 Data Logger

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