Seat Pro (Seat Mounting Tool Kit)

Kart Smarter's Seat Pro is the perfect tool to make installing your seat a snap!  Seat Pro sits square on the face your seat struts and seat tabs,  allowing you to drill your mounting holes with extreme precision!  

One of the hardest parts of mounting your kart seat can be drilling perfectly perpendicular to the seat bracket or tab, and putting the hole in your seat dead center relative to the hole of your frame's seat tab. 

When you drill these holes, the stakes are high... a misplaced hole will cause your seat to sit crooked, be stretched, or just be placed improperly within your chassis.  This can cause a wide range of handling problems, and make your kart not react properly to setup changes.  Furthermore, nobody wants to put extra holes in their $300 Tillett handmade VG seat because they made a mistake or drilled crooked!

Whats in the box:

  • Seat Pro hardened steel drill guide
  • 6" Pilot drill (for those cadet seats and tall drivers!)
  • Traction pad - helps prevent seat from sliding while you drill
  • Optional: 8mm drill

How the Seat Pro Installation Kit works:

Take your seat and place it within the frame in the correct position.  Most racers will use some sort tool or object to hold the car in the proper vertical position within the go kart while they adjust the longitudinal and lateral position.  Once satisfied, place 10-20lbs of weight in the bottom portion of your seat.  This will hold the seat in the proper position while you begin to drill.  Be careful not to overload your positioning tool, causing it to bow downwards, inadvertently changing the position of your seat.  
Once you have positioned the seat properly, place the Seat Pro installation tool against the outside of the right seat strut.  Ensure the tool sits completely flush on the outer face of the seat bracket, with the "nose" centered in the 8mm hole on the seat strut.  Hold the Seat Pro in position and gently drill a pilot hole through the right side of the seat using the included 5/32" drill.  Drill gently so as not to move the seat due to unnecessary pressure on the drill bit (this is thin fiberglass, not steel Superman!).   Repeat the same process on the left side seat strut.
With the side pilot holes drilled, remove the seat from the chassis and finish the holes to 8mm.  Place the seat back in your go kart and insert the appropriate spacers on each side.  Install the flat head cap screws, washers, and lock nuts, then tighten everything.
Next up are the front holes.  If you have room, reverse the orientation of the Seat Pro installation tool, and place it on the seat tabs between the seat and the tab.  While holding the Seat Pro installation tool square to the seat tab gently drill both pilot holes.  Remove the Seat Pro tool and finish both holes to 8mm.
At this point you're ready to install the spacers and hardware on the front tabs.  If your seat is actually parallel to the face of your seat tabs, load in the right number of spacers and slide that bolt home! You're done!  If it's not parallel, you'll be making your own angled spacers.  Don't worry, you just need a round bar of nylon or similar plastic from McMaster Carr and a miter saw.  Check out this video here where I detail the process.
With the four main bolts installed it's time for the seat struts (the chrome ones used for tuning).  I recommend sliding them into position and tightening their mounting bolt at the bearing cassette before drilling the seat.  With the strut fixed at the cassette, slide a plastic spacer between the seat and the strut, then insert your Seat Pro Installation Tool into the upper seat strut hole.  Repeat the process performed earlier, drilling a pilot hole then 8mm hole.  Install hardware and you're done!


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