Never worry about charging your MyChron 5 again!

Kart Smarter's Ever-Charge is a 12v Data Logger Power Adaptor. One side plugs in to your kart's on-board 12v battery, the other side connects to the expansion port on your MyChron.

MyChron 5 users can power and charge their MyChron 5 while the Ever-Charge is connected, as well as display their kart's on-board battery voltage on their MyChron screen.

MyChron 4 users can power their data logger using the Ever-Charge.

*MyChron 5 and Kart battery not included*

**Ever-Charge are currently out of stock, anticipated resupply date is June 15th 2021**


Ever-Charge is handmade by Kart Smarter from the highest quality components available.
Kart Smarter conducts quality checks at every stage of manufacturing and tests each Ever-Charge before it ships to ensure worry-free performance.


Ever-Charge is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year.
Should you experience a problem with your Ever-Charge, contact Kart Smarter for an exchange.

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