COMPKART Covert 3.0 TAG Racing Chassis

The Compkart Covert 3.0 17-R is a proprietary racing chassis by J3 Competition capable of winning at any level of competition.

The Covert 3.0 features an all 30mm chromoly steel frame, 1045mm wheelbase, and a powerful braking system comprised of a floating vented 180mm rotor and monoblock 2 piston caliper.

Covert 3.0 Features:

  • Three position ride height adjustment front & rear allows you to match chassis grip to track conditions
  • Two piece front spindle design with interchangeable stem axle for tuning front grip
  • Three position steering column and spindle ackerman settings allow for flexibility in front end steering effort and ackerman effect.
  • Proprietary Axle Range allows racers to meet needs of chassis as track conditions change
  • Compkart Eccentric Caster Pill Set allows for precise front end alignment settings with caster set independently from camber
  • Premium Magnesium DF wheel set 130/210mm

New 2017 Features:

What's included with the kart?

  • Premium Freeline DF Wheel Set
  • Compkart seat (choice of size) comparable to VG very soft flex
  • Seat mounting hardware kit
  • Full bodywork & sticker set
  • Engine mount
  • Heel stop
  • Exhaust cradle & bracket
  • Fuel vent can
  • Throttle cable & housing
  • Fuel line
  • Two left hand seat struts
  • Compkart adjustable special right hand seat strut (clears motor header)

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