Get Your MyChron 5 ready for a race weekend - 5 Tips

June 06, 2018

Kart Racing Data Analysis

If you're like me, you probably leave no stone un-turned when it comes to preparing your kart for a big race.

Being as thorough as possible when prepping your kart ensures the highest level of reliability throughout the weekend.

Does your kart prep also include your you MyChron 5? Follow these 5 tips before the weekend and make sure your MyChron gives you problem free service all day long!

  1. Charge your batteries. Don't show up to the track at 35% and worry about putting the battery on the charger after every session. Also, get yourself an Ever-Charge and stop worrying about your battery!
  2. Clear your MyChron 5's data before the weekend. Every once in a while a corrupted file on the logger can cause issues while the logger is in operation on track. Reduce this possibility by downloading regularly and clearing the memory at the end of each day.
  3. Set up your alarms and know the colors your choose and what each alarm means. Your alarms can alert you to abnormal engine operation conditions, and could save your motor. Set them up and know what they mean!
  4. Check for any firmware updates and install them before heading to the track.
  5. Charge the laptop and pack it in the trailer! The MyChron 5 doesn't do you much good if you don't analyse your data during the course of each day. Make data your competitive advantage by analyzing as often as possible, get fast faster!

Want to get yourself an insurance policy for your MyChron 5 battery situation? Kart Smarter has two options;

First, you can use an Ever-Charge cable. This is the ideal answer if you drive a TAG kart, or any other kart with an on-board battery (think X30, Leopard, Rotax, etc). Ever-Charge connects to your Kart's 12V battery to power and charge your MyChron 5 - no more disconnecting your MyChron 5 battery every day!

Secondly, you can use AiM's 120V wall power charger. This is a convenient option for those who bring a generator to the track, or just don't want to disconnect the battery when they need a charge. Plug AiM's wall charger into 120V power, then plug the other end into the expansion port on the back of your MyChron. While the wall charger is connected, you will be charging your MyChron's battery. This is a great option for

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