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MyChron 5 and AiM MyChron Steering Wheel

Setting up your MyChron 5

Author J. Colegrove / MyChron Knowledge / Published: Jul-31-2018

Not everybody buys their MyChron 5 from Kart Smarter. For the customers that do, your MyChron is ready to run right out of the box! For those who bought their logger from another supplier, keep reading and learn some of the key settings you need to adjust for your kart.

Getting Started

Start by hitting the menu button (top left) on your MyChron 5. This will enter the highest level menu. Inside this menu you will find the following submenus:

  • Backlight
  • System Settings
  • Engine Hour Counters
  • Time Zone Setup
  • WiFi
  • Track Setup
  • Languages
  • Setup Wizard
  • Clear Data
MyChron 5 with MyChron Expansion

MyChron 5 menu navigation and operation

Once you hit the menu button (top left) and enter the highest level menu, all navigation and operation follows the same pattern.

Once inside the menu structure, the button's "hard" actions which are labeled on the face of the MyChron 5 are superceeded by the "soft" functions.

On the left side of your MyChron 5, the two buttons will move your cursor forward and backward inside a menu/submenu. On the right side of your logger, your two buttons will allow you to enter and exit submenus, as well as alter settings.

MyChron 5 Main Menu

MyChron 5 Menu

MyChron 5 Track Management Menu

Track Management

Check these important settings:

Backlighting: Set to auto, and choose your favorite color from the list.

System Settings: Lots of settings here, more in a future article.

Counters: These are hour meters (four total) which you can use to help lifing your engines. Use em if you want!

Time Zone Settings: Just make sure they're set correctly. This will help you to organize your tests database inside Race Studio

WiFi Settings: Most should set to auto. This will only turn on your MyChron 5 WiFi when your engine is off but the logger is on. If you're not going to ever download data during the course of the day (which I strongly recommend against), set WiFi off.

Track Management: Leave this to automatic. More on this in a future article.

About the author

Owner - Kart Smarter

Author Jeff / Category MyChron 5/ Published: Jul-31-2018

Jeff is the owner of Kart Smarter, and a racer himself. When not racing his Fluo yellow Compkarts you can find him working as "the data guy" for various teams at national races, or working on Kart Smarter's online store. Jeff has spent approximately 10 years working with racing data systems, and enjoys helping kart racers "see the light" and embrace data as a repeatable competitive advantage in their kart racing program.

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